First Solo Walk of Australia's Canning Stock Route

End of the CSR for Gaynor Schoeman Canning WalkerThe Canning Walker's Challenge for 2013

Starting from Billiluna in the north near Halls Creek on 31 May 2013, Gaynor Schoeman walked solo for 66 days, carrying a backpack of 30kg, finishing 1657km later in the tiny outback goldfields town of Wiluna on 05 August 2013.

Gaynor was raising money for quadriplegic wheelchair rugby players under the banner Walk 4 Wheels and Walk 4 Wings in memory of hangglider pilot and friend, Bruce McClunan, who broke his neck on 1st April 2011.

Many class this walk as unsupported, done in the same way as the first successful walkers lead by Murray Rankin in 1976. Whilst I did not walk with vehicle support, or with another person, without the help of Andy Sutcliffe in establishing my supply route before the walk, and my food sponsors, this walk would not have been possible. For this reason I class my 2013 desert walk only as SOLO .... by my own  standards.

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What's new? Western 4WDriver pubished a 6 page article entitled 'A Walker on the Canning'.

Website updates under way

Gaynor Schoeman Canning Walker

The Canning Walker's Challenge for 2015

Three and a half months on the Canning Stock Route in 2015 are now complete.
In Perth for the next few days, the following website pages to be updated.

Sponsors 2015
What was supplied. Some recommendations. My heartfelt appreciation. You got me here. You helped me explore my Dreaming.

Equipment 2015 and Suppliers
This needs a major update. Some stuff was great, others a disaster. And how did Les perform?

Bush Tucker on the Canning Stock Route
Two and a half months of amateur research culminating in 9 days living on bush tucker alone. What I learned from books, Community people and doing it for myself.

Water on the Canning Stock Route
There is water out there. You just have to know how to find it, travel in a favourable season and be prepared to drink the unthinkable. GPS co-ordinates, photographs and water quality information coming up.

So many photographs and videos of my life in the Outback. It will be hard to summarise this portfolio, but summarise it I must.

The Book - Every Step of the Way
Much of this book has been written, but there is so much more for me to add to it. Over the next 6 months I will be settling myself into a nice quiet spot somewhere, putting my story into words, giving it structure. By February I hope to have a draft ready to present to a publisher for consideration.

Timeline for CSR Cyclists, Walkers and other Notables
This will be updated with 2015 Attempts - Cycling and Walking. Five walkers had a go as did three cyclists. There might be a few more before the season is out.

The Facebook link to the right provides ongoing updates including photographs. It is your best source of reference at present.

I have about 10 days to get the website updated and then it is onto the book.

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CSR Lady and the Landy 2015

CSR Solo Walker 2013

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