First Solo Walk of Australia's Canning Stock Route

The Canning Walker's Challenge for 2013

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Starting from Billiluna in the north near Halls Creek on 31 May 2013, Gaynor Schoeman walked 1657km solo for 66 days, carrying a backpack of 30kg, finishing on the 05 August 2013 in the tiny outback goldfields town of Wiluna.

Gaynor was raising money for quadriplegic wheelchair rugby players under the banner Walk 4 Wheels and Walk 4 Wings in memory of hangglider pilot and friend, Bruce McClunan, who broke his neck on 1st April 2011.

Many class this walk as unsupported, done in the same way as the first successful walkers lead by Murray Rankin in 1976.

Whilst I did not walk with vehicle support, or with another person, without the help of Andy Sutcliffe in establishing my supply route before the walk, and my food sponsors, this walk would not have been possible.  For this reason I class my 2013 desert walk only as SOLO .... by my own standards. Media interviews - TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines.


1974 Motorcyclists

1974 Yamaha Dirtbike Challenge - Canning Stock Route


1974 CSR Motorcyclists


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An achievement never recorded in detail.

Fuel and provisions dropped from the air.

Three of the five participants were interviewed.

Logbooks, aviation maps, photographs, newspaper clippings and video footage supplied.

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Bringing the FULL Canning Walker website slowly online

The Canning Walker website (full version) hosts the most comprehensive account of cyclists and walkers to attempt the Canning Stock Route in Australia.

In 'Work Completed, Canning', Phil Bianchi recounts eight attempts to walk or cycle this desert track. Since the publishing of his book in 2013, I have uncovered a further thirty two attempts. Sprinkled in between the foot powered diehards, are stories of unique vehicle achievements like the first complete crossing by vehicle in 1968.

Timeline for Foot Powered and other notable CSR adventure achievements. Click on the links in orange to go to the individual stories.

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