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Foot powered attempts on the Canning Stock Route are my passion. Yep, strange one, but there you go.

In addition to having travelled the Canning Stock Route four times in the past five years, in ways less travelled, my goal is to provide the most accurate and comprehensive database of foot powered attempts on the Canning Stock Route.

Please feel welcome to contribute and keep it growing. In this regard, my thanks to Phil Bianchi, historian and author of Work Completed, Canning, who provides me with so much research material on an ongoing basis.

Regulars will notice some changes to this website, the main one being that there are now individual pages per attempt. Reason being ... there is a story to tell in each traverse. The pages are new. Some are well developed like Walkers Murray Rankin with John & Peter Waterfall and Cyclist Robin Rishworth. Others are expanding. So keep coming back when you have an hour or two to catch up on the latest insight into what it takes to walk or cycle the Canning Stock Route!

What's new? A six page article in Western 4WDriver, an Australian 4x4 magazine, entitled 'A Walker on the Canning'. Click on the appropriate banner to download the PDF  ------->>>>>

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Water on the Canning Stock Route

Aqua Salveo water treatment

Due to the immense popularity of this new page, it will be developed in greater detail. In the mean time, this  is my 2013 Water Report with references to 2010 and 2011 and 2005. This is from the perspective of a person walking or cycling the Canning Stock Route.

ExplorOz Australian 4x4 forum and websiteExplorOz Trek Notes on The Canning Stock Route.
ExplorOz Trek Notes regarding distances between wells and other places of interest.
ExplorOz Notes regarding information on each well, including photographs and water drinkability.

Below is a list of wells I found to have drinking water in 2013. It is updated on a regular basis.


Bert van Diermen

2014 CSR Cyclist Bert V Diermen

2014 Successful Cyclist: Bert van Diermen of The Netherlands
Image's courtesy of Bert van Diermen

Start: Halls Creek
Date: 19 July according to Bert, 12 July according to a report on CSR FB Forum
End: Wiluna
Date:  26 August according to Bert, 28 August according to a report on CSR FB Forum
Duration: 38 or 39 or 47 days ?
Distance: 1797km

I have asked Bert to confirm the dates as there are some conflicts.

Bert's CSR cycle was part of a bigger distance of 3646km, which started in Timber Creek near Kununurra. He travelled south along Duncan Highway to Halls Creek where he joined up with the Tanami Track and onto the Canning Stock Route to Wiluna, then onwards via Mount Magnet to Perth. He started in Timber Creek ? July and ended in Perth ? September.

Bert has cycled a total of 15 000kms in Australia. The two previous trips were generally along  bitumen roads, except the Oodnadatta dirt track. The Canning Stock Route was Bert's first major Outback experience. And  a pretty big one at that.

This years cycle was two years in the planning. What would Bert do differently? Fit new tyres and inner tubes in Halls Creek and take a different water filtration pump and even maybe a spare.

Equipment - All about the bike


Mateusz Waligóra

Mateusz Waligora of Poland, 2014 CSR Cyclist2014 Successful Cyclist Mateusz Waligóra of Poland, one of two cyclists to traverse the Canning Stock Route Photo: Mateusz Waligora.

Progress report provided by Aga, Mateusz wife, who was in contact with Mateusz via SAT phone and with me via email during the traverse.

Start: Halls Creek
Date: 18 August 2014
End: Wiluna
Date: 18 September, morning.
Duration: 31 days, 30 might be argued.
Distance: Halls Creek to Wiluna 1886km.

18 August, 28 year old Mateusz Waligora started his CSR cycle at Halls Creek Police Station.

This was his second attempt to cycle the Canning Stock Route unsupported.


First Solo Walk of Australia's Canning Stock Route

The Canning Walker's Challenge for 2013

End of the CSR for Gaynor Schoeman Canning WalkerUPDATED 30 September 2014: A six page article entitled 'A Walker on the Canning' in the Spring 2014 Edition Nbr 92 of Western 4Wheel Driver. To read PDF, click on the appropriate blue banner on the right under Media - CSR Solo Walker.

Starting from Billiluna in the north near Halls Creek on 31 May 2013, Gaynor Schoeman walked solo for 66 days, carrying a backpack of 30kg, finishing 1657km later in the tiny outback goldfields town of Wiluna on 05 August 2013.

Gaynor was raising money for quadriplegics wheelchair rugby players under the banner Walk 4 Wheels, and Walk 4 Wings in memory of hangglider pilot and friend, Bruce McClunan, who broke his neck on 1st April 2011.

Many class this walk as unsupported, done in the same way as the first successful walkers lead by Murray Rankin in 1976. Whilst I did not walk with vehicle support, or with another person, without the help of Andy Sutcliffe in establishing my supply route before the walk, and my food sponsors, this walk would not have been possible. For this reason I class my 2013 desert walk only as SOLO .... by my own  standards.