Photo's - Solo Walk - Durba Springs to Wiluna 515km

Solo Walk Durba Springs to Wiluna - 515km

Leica D-Lux 4 cameraThe last haul.

I headed out from Durba Springs on 20 July 2013. In some ways this section seemed the hardest. I could almost taste the end of a hard walk and when I thought of all the comforts I would be revisiting, being where I was seemed so cruel. Up until this moment I lived one day at a time, wrapped up in the moment, super aware of my surroundings and place within. The days went quickly.

In the last weeks, my pace quickened and the daily distances grew. I was doing well on paper, but approaching empty fast. I was so tired. Fatigue is something I struggled with from day one. Pushing hard towards the end, my body creaked and groaned. I had to tap off in the final days or risk injury. A will too strong for an aging recently damaged body.

On the morning of 5 August 2013, I walked into Wiluna to an audience of One. Andy was waiting for me.

The first solo walk of the Canning Stock Route, 1657km,  done.

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