Photo's - Solo Walk - Kunawarritji to Durba Springs 485km

Solo Walk Kunawarritji to Durba Springs - 485km

Leica D-Lux 4 cameraAfter spending a restful four and a half days in Kunawarritji as a guest in the comfortable local 'tourist motel', I set off into the desert again on the 1st July 2013. Leaving all that comfort and mixing with people was hard.

On the 18th July 2013 I arrived in Durba Springs, a desert oasis and welcome stop for many travellers. I had walked across dry salt lakes, leaving the track on a number of occassions to get the feel of walking in the wild through spinifex and sand.

I saw one of the biggest herds of camel during this time. I also experienced sleeping with a camel and two dingoes. They were so close, the camels regular breathing could be heard into the early hours of the morning.

Whilst I saw more people than in June, the feeling of isolation along this section was overwhelming.

It also offered me moments of my most content.


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