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Stone and Bark

Stone & Bark, Montague Gardens, Cape Town is owned by Kim and Eric Schoeman, my Mum and Dad. With their love and support, this year of travel is made possible.

In addition to stone and bark, Stone and Bark supply pavers, cobbles, compost, rooibos mulch, pots, water features, trellisis, railway sleepers, garden ornaments .. anything you might want for your garden at really low prices.

Gaynor at Stone and Bark Expo Stand
Springbok Foods Springbok Foods  Australia generously sponsored my South African foods 100%.  5 sticks of blitong vacuum packed to my requirements, 5kg maize meal, 2.5kg of braai pap, 5 tins of chakalaka, 24 boxes of wheat free Pronutro, 2 boxes of Ouma Rusks, 1kg Kreemy Meel, 1kg Maltabela and 4 tins of Lucky Star Pilchards. A little bit of home in the desert. This was a life saver donation as I was struggling to get enough food together to fuel the 5000 calories per day required! Much appreciated! Springbok Foods 

Outdoor Food Solutions


Afrifood Solutions

Fueling the Canning Walker.  Outdoor Food Solutions South Africa are fully sponsoring 23 Wayfayrer meals to take with me on my 3 month Australian desert walk.

Catering for 5000 Calories a day is quite an undertaking. Thank you Outdoor Food Solutions for being part of my nutritional solution, supplying wholesome and filling meals ready to eat!

Australia has one of the strictest custom controls in the world when it comes to bringing food and other organic matter into the country. Looking around for MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) to supplement my diet, I had to ascertain whether Wayfayrer complied with Australia's BioSecurity or risk them being thrown into the quarantine bin.

Upon extensive investigation by a very thorough and friendly customs  official in Perth, Wayfayrer meals were found to comply with those exacting standards: i.e. prepared in a RETORTED bag, the egg, milk and meat found to be acceptable in quality and proportional quantity. Wayfayrer has the Australian stamp of approval.

Wayfayrer Foods - The Outdoor Sood Solution

Nampak Flexibles

Nampak Flexi Foil Trial

Nampak Flexibles fully sponsored 250 x 5 litre flexible 'papsaks' also known as the bag-in-the-box.

The Challenge:

  • Storing water  21km apart for 1850km - 98 drops
  • Each drop to hold 10 litres of water
  • Leave No Trace - Responsible usage means leaving no discarded  containers on the Canning. These Flexi foil bags are easy to burn
  • Compact in transportation, ready to be filled at the wells en-route
  • Quick and easy to fill
  • Storage Containers must be affordable i.e  REALLY cheap!

Nampak Flexibles provided the solution and saved me money.

Thanks guys!

 Nampak Flexi Foil Bladders 

 Wild Medix First Aid Training

Wildmedix trained me in Advanced Wilderness First Aid over a period of a week to prepare me for my 2011 Australian Outback experience. During that adventure, I steamed the skin off my right hand when a pot of cold water tipped onto hot coals, leaving  severe burns.

Due to my training and the first aid kit Dr Ross Hofmeyr custom designed for my trip, I was able to treat and care for my wounds well enough in the week prior to getting professional treatment. My hand and arm made a full recovery without scarring or tightening of skin.

Be Prepared. Get training.  Advanced Wilderness First Responder Course.

Hand burn 
Estar Web Design

Estar Web Design has been my internet partner for several years in my previous life as a film industry business woman and paraglider pilot.

Stephen also helped me build the website for the Aboriginal Community of Billiluna in the deserts of Western Australia, via satellite in 2010.

Today, a full time adventurer, I am fortunate to have Stephen's assistance in building the basics of the 'Canning Walker' website.

Wesprint Maps

Westprint Heritage Maps produce quality maps on paper, CD, internet downloads, iPhone and iPad Apps, GPS's, Road Atlases and speciality historical maps like reproductions of Cannings' own original map - all 5 metres by 1 metre!!!

Wesptrint kindly agreed to allow me to reproduce the current travelers Canning Stock Route map on this website, thereby giving readers a better opportunity to visualise where I am along the route, the distances in between wells and the historical points of interest. See map

I have used my Canning Stock Route Map on both my CSR hitches and will again soon. They are informative, beautifully presented and a must for any Canning traveler.

Westprint Canning Stock Route Map 
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