Training 2013

TrainingPrior to Walk: At the age of 46 years, I am of very average fitness, with all the aches and pains of a middle aged person who has lead a very active life. What I am about to ask my body to do, however, is not average. Not even for an ultra athlete.

For three months, I will be walking one the most remote 4x4 tracks in the world, following a network of decaying wells used by the Drovers in the 1900's to move cattle across the deserts, from the north to the south of Western Australia. This is the iconic Canning Stock Route.

The challenge is daunting. Training has been inadequate due to the need to earn money for the costs involved. Accumulative fatigue is going to be issue as my body struggles to come to grips with walking a minimum distance of 21km a day, six days a week, for three months.

This walk, for me, is about doing it Every Step of The Way, not matter how long it takes. My guide in this is the experience of  Ffyona Campbell who walked around the world and told of her journey in the most brutally honest way in her book entitled, The Whole Story. Ffyona, she is my shining light, guiding me on this journey.

The journey is 1850km of corrugated dirt track, 800 to 900 4x4 mauled sand dunes and hard iron rock. I am walking in winter so the temperatures are not as bad as they could be. Summer temperatures reach 50C, whilst winter ranges are normally -5C to 37C, with a mean of 26C. I will be walking in the cool of the dawn and at night on very hot days in the north, but as I go south it does get cooler and easier during the day.

Recovery is a challenge. If you keep on driving the car (body), day after day, there comes a time when it will run out of fuel or things begin to wear out. As the oil (fat stores) are depleted, the engine comes to a grinding, noisy, rattling halt. And it is game over. For experienced 4x4 travelers, the Canning is not a technical route. What makes it a challenge is the duration (two weeks) and its remote location with few exits. If something goes wrong, if something breaks, or you run out of fuel or water, the situation becomes life threatening and expensive. The challenge of the Canning is getting through to the other side in one piece, preferably in good condition to carry on.

Training has highlighted some serious issues for me personally. In weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4, I was training up to 39kms per week in temperatures averaging 26C to 30C. In weeks 5, 6 and 8 I jumped to more than double the distance, walking up to 94km a week, in 40C degree heat, with a maximum backpack weight of 11kg. My body crashed. It simply could not cope with the spike in activity, the heat and what appears to be an insufficient diet.

My diet is healthy for every day activities. It is totally inadequate for stressing my body day after day in high heat. Weight loss, at first gratifying, quickly became a concern. A lack of understanding of hydration, (dehydration and over-hydration), the importance of refueling the body during long 4 hour hikes and the need for recovery nutrition, lead to crippling fatigue in weeks 5, 6, 7,  8 and 9, with a long recovery period before feeling normal again.

In order to succeed in my goal to walk the entire Canning Stock Route, I must educate myself. It is a little late I am discovering, but I will adapt in order to succeed.  I will find a way to keep my body going, day after day, walking the Canning Stock Route, Every Step of the Way.



  • Week 1 - 39km
  • Week 2 - 38km
  • Week 3 - 26km
  • Week 4 - 26km
  • Week 5 - 80km
  • Week 6 - 94km
  • Week 7 - 12km
  • Week 8 - 64km
  • Week  9 -  8km
  • Week 10 - 20km
  • Week 11 - 20km
  • Week 12 -  5km
  • Week 13 - 38km
  • Week 14 - 22km
  • Week 15 -  0km
  • Week 16 -  8km
  • Week 17 - 32km
  • Week 18 - 16km
  • Week 19 - 20km
  • Week 20 - 56km
  • Week 21 - 92km
  • Week 22 - 111km
  • Week 23 - 71km
  • Week 24 - Injury
 In more detail
Week 1 Terrain Km Hours Condition
28 Oct, Sun        
29 Sand 12    
31 Sand 13    
01 Nov Sand 14    
  Subtotal 39 km    
Week 2
Terrain Km Hours Condition
04 Nov, Sun Sand 17    
6 Sand 9    
7 Sand 9    
8 Stretching and Core Exercises      
10 Sand 3    
  Subtotal 38 km    
Week 3
Terrain Km Hours Condition
11 Nov, Sun        
14 Sand 14    
17 Tar Road. Mountain work 12    
  Subtotal 26 km    
Week 4
Terrain Km Hours Condition
18 Nov, Sun Tar Road. Mountain work  12    
20 Stretching and core      
21 Tar Road. Mountain work 14 2  
22  Stretching and core      
  Subtotal 26 km    
Week 5
Terrain Km Hours Condition
25 Nov, Sun Tar & Dirt. Mountain work 20 4 Exhaustion post walk
26 Stretching and core       
27 Tar & Dirt. Mountain work 20 4 3 litres water. Exhaustion post walk
28 Stretching and core      
29 Tar & Dirt. Mountain work 20 4 Exhaustion post walk
30 Stretching and core     Total Exhaustion. Full day sleeping recovery
01 Dec Tar & Dirt. Mountain work 20 3.35 Early Cool Temps. More energy. Ran last 5km. Drank 1/3 less water
  Subtotal 80 kms    

Week 6

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
02 Dec, Sun Tar & Dirt. Mountain work. 20 4 Tired. Mental deception required. Set easy goal, then talked myself into doing more once achieved.
3 Sand 7    
4 Sand 7    
7 Tar & Dirt. Mountain work 20 3.35 Started electrolytes & VitB tablets
8 Tar & Dirt. Mountain work 40   Walked route twice. AM & PM. Feeling strong. Placebo? Or supplements helping?
  Subtotal 94 kms    

Week 7

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
09 Dec, Sun        
11 Tar Road. Mountain work 12    
12 Stretching and core      
14       VitB12 Neurobion injection & electrolytes
15       Green Vibrance spirilina supplement - 1 week trial
  Subtotal 12 kms    

Week 8

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
16 Dec, Sun        
17 Tar & Dirt Road. Mountain and flats 24   Wore 5 Fingers shoes for first time today. Heel sore on sides. Perhaps should have worn 5 fingers on a shorter walk first. Lots of lazy muscles and ligaments sore in feet. Walked with 2 sticks. Don't like sticks, not on flat road anyway. 
18       Temperatures 40C this week
19 Stretching and core      
20 Tar & Dirt Road. Mountain and flats 20   Severe heat rash?, arms, legs, chest. Everywhere where suncream was, exposed to sun or under clothing - same
21 Tar & Dirt. Mountain work, progressively harder terrain 20   Severe heat rash?, arms, legs, chest continue
22 Stretching and core      
  Subtotal 64 kms    

Week 9

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
23 Dec, Sun Sand 4   Fast Regular Pace. Heat rash subsided. Temperatures cooler by the sea. 
24 Table Mountain, Platteklip Gorge. +-500m Alt steep vertical walk up and down 2 2.15 Post walk sever nausea. Drive home interrupted twice, stopping car to lay down. Complexion white. 5 Fingers wonderful to walk the mountain with. But not sure why so ill after walk.
25 Stretch and Core   1  

Stretch and Core Exercises.

Steep mountain hiking. Table Mountain, Platteklip Gorge +- 500m Alt up an down

2 1+2 Post walk mild nausea. Faster, drank less water, using electrolytes. 5 Fingers in regular training use, alternating some days with Salomon Cosmic boots.
  Subtotal 8 kms    

Week 10

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
30 Dec, Sun        
31 Table Mnt, Platteklip Gorge steep vertical walk, up and down 1 1.08hr Cal556 Av128 Max157 Zone 113:148

Very windy. Turned back from top due to risk of being blown off mnt. Helicopter rescue in progress on Lions Head opposite. Man got blown off mountain.

Polar sports heart monitor helps me regulate exertion to feel and perform better.

1 Jan        
3 Kommetjie to Red Hill Dam. Easy cross country. 12 3 Easy, quick walking. 1 litre
4 Small dunes. Stretching and core. 7 1hr32 Cal547 Av110 Max143 Zone 41:36  
5 Core & Stretch   1hr14 Cal295 Av95 Max127 Zone 02:46 Spine threatening to go out this past week. Perhaps not enough stretching. 
  Subtotal 20 kms    

Week 11

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
6 Jan, Sun Small sand dunes. Stretching and core.  7 1.40hr Cal676 Av116 max154 Zone 47:46 Bedouin headdress test. Benefit not felt as day too cool. 8kg weight bearing. Drew lots of attention. People feel uncomfortable not seeing my face. 
7 Started physical work. Training may be reduced for next two months.     Chiropractor adjusted back. Says rotated L3 may be from walking down Table Mountain favouring one leg. Better to walk in sand or more horisontal terrain. Spine 'popping' a little too easily with minimal manipulation. To monitor this.
8 Sand. Steep slope 13 2.5hr Hard going on bare feet and calves. Slope not good for back. Weight bearing 9kg. Lumbar discomfort. Very tired after full days physical work.. Started at Blowfish. Tblvw Beach too sloped.
  Subtotal 20 km    

Week 12

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
13 Jan, Sun      

A lost week with regards to training. Of perhaps a 'rest' week? Physical work demands all my strength. Still searching for the right nutritional supplements.

Failing strength and energy levels continue to be a major concern. Working 6 days a week hampering training. Fighting exhaustion.
14       USN Epic Pro drink x2
15       USN Epic Pro drink
16       USN Epic Pro drink
17       USN Epic Pro drink 
18       USN Epic Pro drink
19 Core and Stretch plus a few km on treadmill.      
  Subtotal 5 km    

Week 13

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
20 Jan, Sun

Core and Stretch

Soft sand, small dunes. Started running a few km on sand


Av107 Max152

Gentle exercise. Neurobion injection (VitB12)
21       USN Epic Pro drink. Feeling more refreshed than the beginning of last week.
24 Core and Stretch + 3mins punch bag (2min +1min)  

Av104 Max162

Feeling 'more normal' than in previous exhausted weeks. No fitness training this past week. Saturday and Sunday earmarked for 2 x 20km x 4hr mountain walks in heat.
25 Hard sand and strong wind walk 8km 1hr19 Cal396
 Av103 Max128 Zone 16:32
Increased food intake. Doubled carbohydrates. Seeking endurance training and nutritional advice.
26 Sealed and dirt road. Mountain work. Altitude climb of 700m x 2. Afternoon walk into evening, so cooler temperatures towards end of walk. Legs felt brilliant. 22k

2 files
1 walk

26min Cal169 Av119 Max132 Zone 18:49


3hr37 Cal1499 Av118 Max150 Zone 1:50:51

Testing Hammer Nutrition products.

1 sachet HN HEED before walk and 1 HN HEED during walk. 1 HN Bar split into 3 over duration. 1 sachet Recoverite after walk.

Weight bearing approximately 11kg backpack

Felt good during and after walk after such a long rest since last heavy exercise. HN seemed to do the job. Sweat behind knees and inside elbows very sticky. Perhaps too much HEED?

Might be drinking too much product. Feel very bright eyed and alert, but with a mild sugar rush/brain freeze type sensation in brain.

  Subtotal  38 km    

Week 14

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
27 Jan, Sun Dirt and sealed road. Mountain work 2 x 700m alt climbs. Very hot morning to midday temperatures. 22km 4hr56 Cal1736 Av110 Max143 Zone 02:12:20

2 Sachets HN HEED during walk. 1 HN Bar split into 3 during walk. 1 HN Gel last 2/3 of walk. 1 HN Recoverite after walk. The second half of the walk was heavy going. Hot temperatures slowed me down by an hour. Weight bearing approximately 11kg. Thighs, feet and lower back sore.

NOTE to self: Do not drink alcohol after big walk. Massive dehydration during the night.  Woke repeatedly, insatiably thirsty, panting,  needing to drink water (one and a half litres). Yet lots of pee.

28       Felt good after hard walking this weekend.
29       40C heat. White marks all over black shirt. Still sweating salts on clothes today - 2 days after testing Hammer Nutrition products. Perhaps I consumed too much for my energy output? Difficult keeping my eyes open whilst driving in the heat, and yet don't feel physically exhausted as in previous weeks.
1 Feb        
2 Feb        
  Subtotal  22 km    

Week 15

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
3 Feb, Sun      

My training has suffered a major set back due to work commitments.

Ill discipline has seen me unable to combine work with after hours training.

  Subtotal  0 km    

Week 16

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
10 Feb, Sun Beach sand and some small dunes 8km

1hr33 Cal619 Av116 Max151 Zone 00:57:05

  Subtotal  8 km    

Week 17

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
17 Feb, Sun        
23 Flat soft sand. 16km

3hr11 Cal1377 Av120 Max156 Zone 2:28:20

10% jogging, 90% walking. Daypack weight 4kg. Mistake to take daypack. Weight hung from shoulders causing neck, upper and lower back pain and stiffness in the lumbar region. In future I must only use a full sized backpack and carry weight on my hips. A little tired post walk, but not bad. It was a long layoff from training.

Hammer Nutrition products:

  • Endurolytes prior to walk: 1 x Heed
  • Endurolytes during walk: 1 x Heed
  • Food during walk: 1 x protein bar
  • Recovery Food after walk: 1 x Recoverite
  Subtotal 16  km    

Week 18

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
24 Feb, Sun Mixed terrain, 50% flat soft sand, 20% small dunes, 30% hard dirt track 16km 3hr08 Cal1379 Av121 Max153 Zone 2:18:47

Five Fingers shoes and barefoot. Muscles in feet, particularly toes, burning with effort. Thighs and calves sore. Soft sand walking requires so much more effort. Backpack weight 8kg. Feeling good through out and post walk, though.

Hammer Nutrition products:

Endurolytes during walk:

- 1 x Heed; 2 x Fizz

- Food during walk: 1 x Solid fuel; 1 x protein bar

- Recovery Food after walk: 1 x Recoverite

1 Mar        
  Subtotal 16  km    

Week 19

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
03 Mar, Sun Sand. 50% hard sand on level, 10% small soft sand dunes, 40% 30% soft sand on level 20km 4hr32 Cal1713 Av112 Max138 Zone 2:02:35

Weight bearing 18kg backpack. Cool sea breeze. Started by testing borrowed leather boots. No good. Not enough support. Heals slipped sideways on sloped dunes. After 5kms took them off and walked barefoot for the next 15kms.

Feet - ankles, metatarcles, phalanges all ache like arthritis. Two years ago I damaged my feet carrying up to 40kg between Canning Wells. It took a year for my feet to recover enough to feel normal during day to day activities, but under load, as in carrying 18kg, the pain of walking returns. Hip bone joints excruciatingly painful for the last 5kms as well.

Skin over hip bones in front where hip strap and padding press tightly against to take all the weight are raw. Salt in sweat causes the abraded areas to sting.Need to improve padding.

Spine a little stiff, but not bad. Tired.

Hammer Nutrition products. Did not have the right stuff. Made do with left overs.

- 1 x Fizz

- 1/2 sachet Perpeteum

- 1x Recovery Bar

- 1 x small Fuel Gel sachet

4       Thirst is unquenchable today.
7 Day1 Food and liquid deprivation experiment. Nil by mouth.    

They say a person can survive 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. Time to test the theory. I need to test the limits of my body. I did the test in cool conditions with little to no exertion. Heat and exertion changes everything.

First day easy. I concentrate on listening, feeling, the beating of my heart. Time becomes irrelevant. It has no meaning. The day passes quickly. Is this meditation?

8 Day2     Second day. Nauseous and very bad headache. I get the impression my body is devouring itself, energy draining from the muscles. Muscles are the first to go. Fat the last. Life can be unfair. Any exertion takes the nausea to another level. I can't believe how bad I feel picking up just a few heavy boxes. My strength fades fast before I have finished my task and I must lay down. Brain is foggy. Can't think too much. Lower back hurts. My feet are ice cold.
9 Day3    

Third day ... What has happened. No hunger pangs. No nausea. Brain is crystal clear. I have the illusion of energy just waiting to be called upon. It is like my body has realised there is no food and it could be in serious trouble. It diverts everything it has to the brain and those parts of the body that can move me. Or is it the brain directing everything to it, the vital organs and muscles to transport it. Nutrients are taken from my outer skin. My face becomes a little scaly. I scratch bits of skin off. Not that you can see really. Just feel. I pinch the skin and pull and release. Little ridges stay puckered up for awhile.  I have seen worse.

Brushing my teeth, I taste blood and spit it out, trying to see what is bleeding. The inner parts of my lips feel a little raw, the gums tender. But what is really strange, is that my tongue is WHITE. Like a sea cucumber. And rough. On top and on the sides. This is not good. Not dangerous as yet, I don't think, but... Time to take a sip of water. It has been about 60 hours since my last drink of water. I don't feel hungry. Feel like I can keep going on without any food and water, but I don't want to risk organ damage and am not sure how far I can go. But I know I can go further if need be. If I have no choice. But I have a choice today. Time to bring my body back to normality. I eat a tiny piece of protein bar and drink a little more water. Tomorrow I will breakfast.

My body weight dropped 4 kg's in three days to 72kg.

  Subtotal 20  km  


Week 20
Terrain Km Hours Condition
10 Mar, Sun

End of food and liquid deprivation experiment.

Hard sand and small soft dunes

7km  1hr34 Cal704 Av122 Max155
Zone 00:51:43

Work over. Back to training.

Half a small breakfast of pawpaw, yogurt, seeds and a few sips of water. No reason to shock the body with too much too quickly.

I go for a fast walk and work the small dunes. Do not carry a pack weight, except a litre of water. Feel good. Lips peeling.

Finish breakfast with Rooibos tea and honey.

New Salomon shoes fill with sand. Need to get gaiters and find a more desert sand specific shoe as a second pair.

11 Hard beach sand. Run 7km 0hr45 Cal528 Av157 Max178 Zone 00:04:42

Bare foot.

I don't run. My body just hates it. I feel too big and clumsy and not suited to the task. My jogging gait looks like a piece of sheet metal in Rolf Harris's hands. Today I decided to see what I could do. Jogged the whole 7km. Felt good except towards the end when I sped up. When I finished, was overwhelmed with nausea and light headed. Lay on my back and it passed quickly. Quicker than the last time on 24 Dec when I walked up and down Table Mountain. Last time I thought it might have been from over hydration. But this time I drank nothing during the run, only a mouthful of water before running. What causes this nausea? How much further can I push into it? Only one way to find out.

Overall, I am surprised at how good I felt after the food and water deprivation the last few days. Glad I did not carry a pack weight though.

Calf and thigh muscles tight and sore.

12 Hard beach sand. Run   7km 0hr51 Cal540 Av149 Max166 Zone 00:15:56


Calf muscles unbelievably tight and sore. Almost seized. Thigh muscles fatigued quickly on soft sand dunes. Majority of run was on  semi hard sand as a result. The dunes would have had me walking if I continued on them, and I wanted to run.

Concentrated on breathing calmly, deeply and regularly to give my body oxygen.

Sipped a weak solution of HN Perpeteum whilst running 500ml. Careful not to consume too much. Time was slower than yesterday, but no nausea at the end of the run, which is a great relief. Perhaps because slower? Or because I gave the body calories to burn?

Blood blisters under each big toe near the outer edges??? From the boots on 03 Mar, new shoes 10 Mar or barefoot walking in recent days?

13 30% small sand dunes. 70% hard sand 7km

1hr33 Cal700 Av122 Max150 Zone 01:06:00


Calf muscles have seized. Walking them loose. Stretching resuming.


Walk with backpack.

30% small soft sand dunes. 40% hard sand.
30% soft flat sand

7km  1hr44 Cal690 Av116 Max143 Zone 00:51:29

Barefoot. Sinking in soft dunes, sometimes almost to knees.

Calf muscles still painfully tight. Breathing steady, but thigh muscles have not recovered.

Weight bearing backpack 13kg. Need to improve the hip and lower back cushioning of the backpack. Still getting bruised.

Testing the strength and durability of the flexi foil liquid bags carried inside the backpack. Strong so far.

Stretched once during walk for a few minutes. Stretched for 5 minutes after walk. Must stretch more to be able to walk easier.


50% Walk hard sand.

30% Run soft sand dunes.

20% Run hard sand



No monitor readings today


Calves feeling a little better. Walked for 3.5km to loosen and warm them up before running on the small sand dunes.

Stretch break half way for 5 minutes. Another 10 minutes stretch after run. Lower back/left hip and calves still painful.

Feel good. Putting weight back on. Back to 75kg. Two days hard training ahead. Working on developing training discipline by walking, running a minimum of 7km a day. To increase distance in the weeks ahead, but must be careful not to crash again by going too hard, too fast.

16 50/50 soft and hard sand. No sand dunes. 14km 2hr:43 Cal877 Av105 Max134 Zone 00:13:52

Salomon shoes. Not suitable for sand dunes. Sand flows in through the mesh and open tongue. Cannot find sand gaiters in South Africa so far. Will need to use these shoes on hard surfaces and find more suitable shoes/boots for sand dune walking. Frustrating!

Lower back and hips still bruised. No pack weight today. Looks like I am going to have to upgrade my backpack to one with more padding and perhaps smaller to avoid loading too much - 55-65Litres.

Quick walking. Cool conditions. A few minutes stretching twice during walk and 10 mins after walk.

Body felt a little tired about 2 hours after walk. Not hectic.

  Subtotal 56km    

Week 21

Terrain Kms Hours Condition
17 Mar, Sun Hard and soft sand, plus small soft dunes 14km    
18 Stretching     Rest day with light stretching. Muscles tight.
19 Hard to medium soft sand. Flat 21km

4hrs:02 Cal1379 Av107 Max132
Zone 00:42:37

Barefoot. 20kg backpack weight.

Cool conditions. Body sluggish in first hour, strong second and third hour, feet and right hip joint sore in last hour, body not majorly discomforted but would have liked the walk to be over. Funny, not. On the Canning I will be doing this everyday for 3 months! In heat.

Calf's and back ok. 5 minutes stretching every hour or so during walk and end of walk.

20 Hard sand. Flat 7km 1hr
Cal510 Av130 Max159 Zone 00:36:14

Barefoot. No pack weight. Jog/walk

Sluggish, heavy legs.

21 Hard and soft sand. Flat 23km

Total 4hrs

01hr:00 Cal481
Av128 Max155
Zone 00:24:09

Pushed stop instead of pause at 1hr stretch

02hrs:53 Cal1129 Av114 Max162

Barefoot. No pack weight.

Jogged first hour. Walked 2.5 hours. Jogged last half hour

Going got tough after 1hr. Sand became soft, sinking in ankle deep, draining the energy from my body. Last half hour on hard sand again so jogged. I suspect a lot of my impulse to stop is mental. As soon as I focus, running is easier.

Need to be careful with calf muscles, especially left. Running is an unfamiliar exercise. The calfs tend to lock up after running. Sometimes feel the muscle is likely to tear from the bone if I run when they are so tight. Stretching during the run is helping.

Felt I did not calculate my fuel requirements correctly. Under catered. Running hungry and power reduction midway.

22 20% Soft, 80% hard sand 7km


No heart monitor


Did not want to walk today. A great reason for me to get out there and do it! There are going to be plenty of days when I don't feel like walking. Part of my mental conditioning is to accept that, and get up and do it anyway.

23 50% hard sand, 50% sealed road 20km 02hr:46  Cal1343 Av127 Max160


Walked 12km faster than I normally do, then jogged 8km. Motivated by finding myself in a dodgy area at sunset, proving that the mind plays a big part in how much effort I am willing to exert.

Felt good during the walk/jog. A lot easier without a heavy backpack and far less draining. Taking advice from well known ultra runner, David Crombie, I am concentrating on increasing my distance to 20km, 6 days a week, without a heavy pack. This is what I have set myself to do on the Canning for 3 months. I need to achieve this in training in order to have the physical and mental strength to know I can do this day after day on the Canning.

  Subtotal 92km    
Week 22
Terrain Km Hours Condition
24 Mar, Sun Stretching and core exercises   1 hour Was hard to enforce a rest day from walking, but had to be done. Felt strong on the surface, but beneath I could feel my strength wavering. My muscles needed to be stretched out as well. Now I am ready for a week of going hard!
25 Long, flat, soft beach sand 26km

Total 4hr:25

02hr:11 Cal1000 Av123 Max152 Zone 01:25:43


02hr:14 Cal1016 Av123 Max149 Zone 01:46:36



Felt good for 20kms. The last 6km were hard as I was chasing a time restriction. To be expected. Body not used to walking/running this far. Feet painful from digging into the soft sand, but should recover by tomorrow. Back a little sore as stretching time sacrificed during last 13km.

Glad I am pushing the body to accept more daily mileage. It is a lot easier without a backpack weight.

This week will be interesting to see how the body and mind copes.

26 500m Altitude climb up Platteklip Gorge, Table Mountain 2km  1hr:53 Cal975 Av132 Max156 Zone 01:06:57

Five Fingers shoes.

Hike up in 1 hr10mins. Kept heart rate between 144 and 156. Walk down heart rate was around 110bpm over 42 min. No nausea post walk as in the past.

Right leg shaking for a few hours after walk. Right calf and knee muscles a bit tight.

27 Mostly flat hard sand 20km 3hr:15 Cal1002 Av103 Max138 Zone 00:08:04

Five Fingers shoes.

Thighs and calves sore from yesterdays vertical hike. Took it easy on my legs today with a  20km fast walk on hard sand. Don't want to risk injury by overtaxing them in soft sand. Temperatures cool. No pack weight.

Terrain, heat and weight make such a difference in how fast I can walk and how comfortable I am. Today was a blistering, and yet comfortable pace.

28       No training.
29 Hard flat sand 40km

1st 20km

2hr:39 Cal1165 Av121 Max149 Zone 01:16:08

2nd 20km 3hr:21 Cal1122 Av107 Max139 Zone 00:57:45


Jogged first 10km comfortably. Walked the rest with a lunch break inbetween efforts.

Hard sand, cool temperatures and no pack weight other than 2 litre hydration made it easy.
30 Corrugated dirt road 23km 3hrs:26 Cal1377 Av116 Max155 Zone 01:45:33

New Salomon XT Wings3 shoes.

Walking in gale force winds.

Level of fatigue acceptable.

Right heal a bit sore.

Still using HN Products - Endurolyte caps, Recoverite and Bar

  Subtotal 111km    
Week 23
Terrain Km Hours Condition
31 Mar, Sun Flat, hard sand 32km 05hr:45 Cal1715 Av102 Max141 00:19:53

Salomon XT Wings3

Felt good, but not good enough to run.

Right foot, top of, sore.

1 Apr        
2 Flat hard sand and small dunes 20km 03hr:27 Cal1203 Av110 Max153 Zone 01:00:24



4 Flat hard sand 12km 01hr:21 Cal766 Av139 Max156 Zone 01:11:41



Foot sore.

5 Mix hard and soft sand 7km 01hr:37 Cal345 Av92 Max119 Zone 00:02:03


Walk. Last few kms very painful. Felt like glass shards being ground into the top of my right foot. I do believe I have a foot injury.

6       Training on ice until foot healed.
  Subtotal 71km    
Week 24
Terrain Km Hours Condition
7 Apr, Sun       Injury all week
  Subtotal 0km    
Week 25
Terrain Km Hours Condition
14 Apr, Sun Cycling going nowhere   40mins  
16 Cycling going nowhere   30 mins  
17       Orthotist appointment. Metatarsal injury. Foot injury possibly caused by shoes too long and narrow. Over use. Weight bearing excessive on number 2 metatarsal. Rolling inwards of right heal possibly due to ACL operation on right knee some years back. Need shoe implants to correct.
19 Hard sand  7km 01hr:41 Cal504 Av103 Max 127 Zone 00:21:48


Walk. First few 5km ok. Last 2km foot sore.

21        All training ceased. Recovery in progress.
  Subtotal km    
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